Apps We´ve Built

Pop Ur Zit! - An acne based viral game that allows friends to give other friends zits. To pop a zit users must use acne products that are paid by sponsers.
iGift - This application allows Facebook users to send free gifts to each other. With over 500,000 plus installs and 9,000 daily users!
Celebrity Likeness - Which celebrity are you most like? Take a short quiz and find out now.
Jab About - This application is a social texting game that combines email and social networking, creating a new way to send information based on your online network of friends.
Flash Five - This application allows users to pick and embed 5 flash games on their Facebook Profile.
JobsinPods Podcast - This application was built for allowing facebook users to get RSS updates along with listening to PodsCast Directly on Facebook.
Mashable - This application was built for, a top web 2.0 news property. The application allows users to get up to the minute updates on and extends the Mashable Brand.
Shakespeare's Quotes - This application allows users to receive new Shakespeare Quotes on their profile pages daily.
Track of the Day - The Track of the Day application is the really simple way to find great music.
GigaOM - is an online news and weblog published by GigaOmniMedia, Inc., a San Francisco-based company.
Crush - Find Out Who Has a Crush On You?
ProfilePicture - Turn your profile into a canvas
Who´s Hotter - The friend battle game. 2 Pictures. 1 winner. Who´s hotter?