What's the process of having FBFactory build an application for me?
We have a easy 5 step process that usually takes 7 days from beginning to end of your application. Please read more about the process here.

How long does it take to build a Facebook application?
We generally build our applications in 5 business days.

How much do Facebook applications cost to build?
Generally with a web development firm, you get the generic "It depends on the scope of the project." However here are FBFactory we have a different approach on standard web development.

We build affordable applications. Although we will avoid a specific general price we can say it will NOT break the bank. Contact us with your idea and budget. We´ll take it from there and follow up with a personal phone call.

Do you ONLY build Facebook Applications?
No, we´re a fully functional web firm but we specialize in Facebook applications (Hence the name FBFactory). If you do need a website, feel free to contact us as well. Although to be honest we´d much rather build applications but we´re capable of building websites.

How many applications has FBFactory built to date?
We´re built over 20 applications since the release of the Facebook F8 Application Platform released in June 2007. Take a list of our public* applications here: Applications We´ve Built.

*We´ve actually built more that´s shown in our Facebook Application Portfolio but sometimes we develop private application for clients/companies that which to remain nameless.