Need an App?

Need a Facebook application? Well you’ve reached the right place. Usually in typical companies you’ll find information about structure, policies, and ideologies. Here at FBFactory we focus on one thing….. Get it done.

After all, this isn’t rocket science. We keep the wax out of the process of creating applications. It’s a pretty seamless process. Here’s the key points and steps:

  • Step 1: Know what application you want to build. It all starts with an idea. We’re fully up to help you develop the idea or give advice on our thoughts as well. Hopefully our history of creating great applications will be a benefit for you. So what are you waiting for? Contact Us. Please be as in-depth as possible. We love long emails and it helps us fully understand your idea for a Facebook application.
  • Step 2: The Confirmation Call: So you have an idea and are ready to bring it to life? Great! After you have Contacted Us we’ll follow up with a phone call or email (For you shy people) to discuss the application. We do this to
       a) Learn more about yourself and company
       b) Lean more about your idea and application
       c) Confirm you are serious about the application
    Simple as A-B-C’s. Once again this isn’t rocket science.
  • Step 3: Project Scope: Once we’ve confirmed the application then we’ll create a "Project Scope" This includes information such as: Timeline of the project, Cost of the project, Payment Structure, URL where your application will be hosted and other relevant information.
  • Step 4: Development: After the “Project Scope” is confirmed with you. We&aqute;ll start development. Please note: Steps 1-3 can happen within a 24 hour period. We´re a quick and nimble web development firm. Based on our previous project it generally takes 2-5 business days to build a COMPLETE Facebook application. The beauty of this process is you get to see the application being built as we’re working. This agile approach makes our cycle much faster. We’ll make you an administrator on the Facebook Application and you can install it and such while it’s on our servers.
  • Step 5: Finalize Your Application: This is the final stage of the application. We encourage you to test your application and suggest any changes that do not meet the scope. We´re pretty flexible with changes but changes that are out of the original scope are subject to a pricing change. After you´re satisfied we´ll fully transfer the application to your account. That´s it!